Lyna in Shadowbringers. Image courtesy of Square Enix.

Ah emotes in Final Fantasy XIV. In a game that is all about glamour, and it is all about glamour, emotes are a core component of letting us become the Warrior of Light and Darkness! Today, I’m going to break down the top 5 emotes in FFXIV. I have two caveats to this list.

First, you have to still be able to get the emote. And secondly, it has to be free! (Sorry Square Enix, you’re not getting me to shill that easily!) If I allowed paid emotes on this list, they’d probably take up half of it. With that said, let’s dive in to the best Final Fantasy XIV emotes.

5. Black Mage Battle Stance (/bstance)

One of the toughest things about including battle stance on here was not letting it eat up the whole list. I decided that for both battle stance and victory pose, I would limit them to one space. And yes, nepotism nearly won out in the end.

Many of the battle stances are great, but the Black Mage one in particular needs to be highlighted. Both the males and females start by adjusting their boots and tightening their gloves. The ladies however get a haughty hair toss on the end. To obtain the emote, you must have beaten the mission “Causes and Costs” in Patch 3.2 of the Main Story Quest and of course be playing Dragoon.

4. Red Mage Victory Pose (/vpose)

There was no way I was making this list without having a victory pose on here. The victory pose is a classic element of FInal Fantasy games all the way back to the original FF1. Choosing which class’s victory pose to use however, was very difficult. Many classes would have qualified for this list if I had allowed more than one.

At the end of the day though, the Red Mage pose is outstanding. It’s haughty, arrogant, sexy, and everything you picture a Red Mage to be. The female one in particular with the sassy hair flip is amazing. To obtain the emote, you must have beaten the mission “A Spectacle for the Ages” in Patch 3.2 of the Main Story Quest, and be playing Red Mage.

3. Spectacles (/spectacles)

Final Fantasy XIV is an anime game. There’s no other if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. And what kind of anime game would be complete without the glasses adjustment. Both the male and female version of this emote are spectacular (pun very much intended).

For the guys, we get the classic anime push up the bridge of the nose. And for the ladies, we get a sultry tap on the side of the glasses to adjust them. To unlock the emote, you’ll need to through the Scholasticate questline in Heavensward. It takes some time, although it’s pretty enjoyable overall.

2. Beesknees Dance (/beesknees)

The most recent emote on this list takes the number 2 slot, as the Beesknees Dance checks in. The first new dance to be added to the Gold Saucer in a long time, the Beesknees dance took Final Fantasy XIV by storm. Everyone wanted to have it, and with good reason. It’s a cute dance, while still maintaining a high energy level.

To obtain the Beesknees dance is identical to getting the Gold Dance and Thavnairian Dance. Simply amass another 80,000 MGP and speak with the prize claim inside the Gold Saucer.

1. Manderville Mambo (/mmambo)

The Manderville Mambo was one of the only emotes that I have ever seen that made me say “No matter what it takes, I’m getting that emote.” Perhaps the longest emote in the game, the Mambo is a step beyond other dances and it is awesome. Right out of a stage production, your character recreates some of the best emotes in the Hildibrand questline in dance form.

Obtaining the Manderville Mambo is no small task. To do so, you’ll need to complete every Hildibrand mission, and that takes some time. You could speed through it by skipping all of the cutscenes, but I highly recommend you don’t. They’re pretty damn entertaining.

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