Photo via Call of Duty League

Written by contributing intern Jose Silas.

The 2022 Call of Duty Challengers season is going live. And regions have been expanded to include Latin America.

The scouting series is also returning for the new season. This series includes 12 coaches from various Call of Duty franchises to draft Challenger players for their respective teams. Those picked will play a series of matches against one another, offering a glimpse into their playstyle. The scouting series was open to NA and EU last year, but other participating regions have yet to be announced. Players can start earning points to climb the challenger leaderboards on Nov 29.

Challengers Cups and Opens will also make a return. With Challenger Cup #1 taking place from Dec 11th to the 12th. As of now, no other cups have been announced. The elite series will exclusively return for North America and Europe. This series will be an open qualifier where 8 teams can qualify for the regular series.

The series will also feature regional finals for all four regions. Sign up for Call of Duty Challengers Cup is now open until December 6th.

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