[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Nintendo Switch has been on an absolute sales tear since it’s release, and last month was no different.

In November, the Nintendo Switch sold over 1 million copies across the US. 550,000 of those sales occurred during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday alone. This brings the total sales up to 34 million nationwide, in other words, that’s 1 switch for every 10 people.

Nintendo Switch vs PS5 vs Xbox

The Xbox Series S was the Switch’s biggest contender for the top spot last month. And it actually snubbed the Switch in Black Friday sales. But in the end, the Switch would still outsell all other consoles. It’s been the top selling console for 35 out of the last 36 months, only losing one month to the PS5’s release.

While these numbers are astronomical, it’s interesting to see that overall game hardware sales are down 38% compared to November last year. This isn’t due to a lack of interest from consumers. People want game consoles, but due to global supply chain issues, microchip shortages, and high demand, it’s become increasingly difficult to purchase one.

These impacts, however, have not been as strenuous for the Switch and Xbox. Now they’ve capitalized on the opportunity while Sony struggles to get their product into consumers’ hands.

The Switch is catching up to the Wii

Nintendo Switch

The Switch’s total lifetime sales are not far off from eclipsing Nintendo’s previous sales titan, the Wii. Following November, the Switch has sold a whopping 92.8 million units worldwide, while the Wii’s total lifetime sales reached 101.6 million. It’s very likely that the Switch could outsell the Wii and become Nintendo’s best selling console.

While everyone and their grandma bought a Wii, interest burnt out quickly. It lacked any considerable online functionality, and beyond Nintendo’s games, was missing out on third-party software.

The Switch however, has significantly broader appeal with its many features. A large catalog of games, indie and third-party support, functioning (albeit pricey) online features, and portability make the console an extremely unique and ultimately affordable piece of hardware.

We expect this trend to continue for the Switch throughout the year and potentially into 2022. Until these supply chain issues are addressed and competitors like the PS5 are easily available, the Switch will keep marching on.

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