What Is In The Madden NFL 22 Scouting Update

Earlier this month Madden NFL 22 dropped one of its first big updates for the game, the Scouting Update. Improvement to scouting is something that fans have been asking about for a while now. Developers EA Sports has been striving to provide and more realistic look into the world of professional football for years now. Adding in-depth scouting reports to the games Franchise Mode is just the latest in a long line of upgrades and additions.

How Does Scouting Work?

With the Scouting Update now live, a full-on department centered around player scouting has been added to the franchise mode. This includes in-depth scouting reports that will detail players’ physical traits and their ratings. It will also include news content that will move players around on the media big board which will impact draft stock. Plus, it’ll also give you an idea of what teams are interested in which potential recruits.

Part of the scouting process is also keeping track of your scouts themselves. You can hire, fire or re-assign them based on their strengths and the region you have them scouting in.

As the Franchise season progresses you’ll eventually begin to unlock portions of a player’s profile. By the time you get to Week 11 and Free Agency Stage 3, you’ll be able to host private workouts for the players and unlock even more of their profile.

For a full, in-depth look and a deep dive into scouting in practice, EA Sports has a run-down that gives you all you need to know about the new update.

Madden 22 | Franchise Scouting Walkthrough 📋

Deploy a team of scouts across the country to find the next NFL superstar for your Franchise. See everything the new and in-depth Scouting feature set in Mad…

Feature Screencap from Madden NFL 22 Scouting Walkthrough YouTube Video courtesy of EA Sports.

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