NBA 2k Turns 22 Years Old This Month

NBA 2k turns 22 but NBA2k22 has been out for two months now and has brought more to the game than ever before. From improving The City mode to allowing celebrity cameos from people like Jake from State Farm. The game even lets you pursue off-the-court careers like becoming a fashion mogul or a rap icon. Even though some haters might say the game is the same thing year in and year out, real fans know it’s always improving.

In honor of the first NBA2k to release on November 10th in 1999, we’ve wanted to look back and see what the most popular NBA2k games are based on the people who play them. According to Metacritic, these are the top 10 best NBA 2k franchise games ever released.

1. NBA 2K12 – 90

2. NBA 2K13 – 90

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

3. NBA 2K17 – 88

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

4. NBA 2K16 – 87

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

5. NBA 2K14 – 85

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

6. NBA 2K15 – 83

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

7. NBA 2K19 – 82

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

8. NBA 2K18 – 80

NBA 2K Turns 22 - Checkpoint XP

9. NBA 2K21 – 79

10. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 – 73

Since releasing in 1999 there are 28 different games 2K has published, including one VR experience, an NBA 2K mobile game and two with a name change to ESPN NBA Basketball. Two years ago, Take-Two Interactive Software, the developers and publishers behind the NBA games announced that the series as a whole had nearly sold over 90 million copies. Since then, with the release of two more games, they’ve likely passed the 100 million game threshold.

Which NBA 2K game did you start with and which one do you think is the GOAT? Share your thoughts with us on social media at CheckpointXP on Twitter.

Feature Image Screencap from Take-Two Interactives NBA 2K22.

Cover Art Images courtesy of Wikimedia and Take-Two Interactives NBA 2K.

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