Written by contributing intern Dominic Schatzan

Apex Legends fans can rejoice because the ALGS Pro League has made its hotly anticipated return after a three-week break.

Competitors from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) could use the game’s newest legend, Ash, and the new C.A.R. SMG, but neither saw much play as players opted to stick with legends and weapons that stick to the meta. With only the top 10 teams in EMEA able to qualify for playoffs and Pro League spots on the line, the stakes were too high to test new strategies.

Alliance entered the first game of the day with high expectations and delivered. In a position with a massive vertical advantage, Alliance picked off teams Myztro and K1CK in the final circle to claim the day’s first victory.


Game 2 went to Team 789, holding off pressure from both teams K1CK and MajorPushers long enough to take the win in the final circle. A wildly entertaining Game 3 went to Myztro. They relied on care package weapons to pump out most of their damage.

UNDERRATED secured a huge win in Game 4, racking up 13 kills for a colossal 25 points on the EMEA leaderboard.

Alliance looked poised to deliver another tactical win in Game 5. But Rebel was just better prepared and won the game on the back of Caustic’s ultimate.

Invictus entered Game 6 in seventh place, but a breakout 12-kill victory propelled them to third place in the standings.

The winner of the day ended up being K1CK, despite the team not winning any of the day’s games. Three second-place finishes and plenty of kills gave them the most points on the day.

The first-place team in the EMEA ALGS Pro League regular season will earn a $30,000 prize. Not to mention entry into the $1,000,000 playoffs kicking off in early 2022.

Header image courtesy of Apex Legends Global Series/ Liquipedia