There are a few certain things in life: death, taxes and a new Madden game coming out every year. Even though most Madden titles are carbon copies of the previous year with updated rosters, Madden 22 is on fire. Having just been crowned the best-selling game of October, Madden 22 has officially become the 2nd best-selling game of 2021.

Without a doubt, you can attribute this to its strong and loyal player base on both Xbox and Playstation platforms. Unlike most Madden titles, Madden 22 entered the scene with new features like Player Scouting. This new feature gives you finer details on player stats and attributes.

But it still came with the infamous ‘Madden Bugs’ that seems to plague nearly every new football title at launch. For example, the “Loss Glitch”. Players would complete entire games, smoking their AI competition, only to return to the main menu to see all their stats at 0 and an extra “L” on their record. However, in a recent update the “Loss Glitch” is supposedly no more. But players are still experiencing all kinds of crazy glitches:

With all the controversy surrounding the NFL in the firing of Jon Gruden, EA Sports has removed the former Las Vegas Raiders head coach from the game entirely. Not a bad move, EA, not bad at all.

Header image courtesy EA Sports – Madden 22