By Ruben Oesterling

Call of Duty has done it again. Activision confirmed that the new Modern Warfare 2 (2022) had the best-selling opening weekend in the franchise. The game earned over $800 million dollars within three days. However, all that glitters is not gold. Players are finding problems within the game, ruining its reputation already. So, what’s the problem?  

First off, Season 1 of the game will feature a new Prestige System. Once players reach the max rank, they earn rewards and that’s it. They reset with everyone else at the end of every season. And no more prestige levels. Throughout the internet like Reddit, they’ve released their rage. They feel like it’s useless to level up, losing interest in sticking around.

Then, the campaign keeps crashing for many. On the second mission, the game becomes unplayable. They have sought advice from other players online to fix these issues. As of today, updates keep continuing on the situation.

The game could get sued. The Breenbergh Hotel, modeled after the actual  Conservatorium Hotel. Players couldn’t bear its war-torn sight. Its demolished structure left many feeling disgusted. Rumors speculate that Infinity Ward, one of the game’s developers, never received permission from the Conservatorium Hotel to replicate it. Time will tell if they file a lawsuit against the developer. 

With a rough start, it could end badly for the game. Players may move on from the glitchy and controversial game within months. Again, we’ll see how things fan out in the future.


Edit: Since the time of this writing, Modern Warfare II has announced that they’re bring back prestige levels.