Shhhhhh – ‘A Quiet Place’ Is Getting A Video Game Adaptation…

‘A Quiet Place’ is one of the most successful horror movies this decade. And now it’s getting a video game. The gaming studio behind the blind alien invasion thriller is iLLOGIKA, the Canadian studio behind Cuphead.

The announcement came Tuesday with a tentative release date expected sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, there is no trailer, gameplay or description. We’re also still waiting on the release of even concept art. All of us horror fans are left with is a little tease that we will “experience the tension of the films with a level of immersion they’ve never felt before”.

With promises of “immersion” we’ve never felt before, could that hint at a possible VR title for the horror game? We certainly hope so!

For those that are unaware, the Quiet Place movies are about an invasion of Earth by aliens who are blind but have supernatural hearing. Nearly everyone on the planet is killed by these monsters, with the exception of a handful of survivors who have learned to live very, very quietly.

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Header image courtesy of IMDb and ‘A Quiet Place’