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  • Street Fighter V Soars Into The Grand Finals May 21, 2020
    While COVID-19 put a damper on a lot of plans concerning fighting games as a whole, they haven’t put a stop to CSL’s Street Fighter V league. The next stop on the road is divisionals, where the Grand Finals competitors will be determined. Written by De'Angelo Epps.
  • Meet the Teams in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Grand Finals May 20, 2020
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of California, San Diego have the CSL Magic: The Gathering Arena Grand Finals title in their sights, and neither team backing down. Get to know the teams and their phenomenal rosters right here. Written by Wyatt French.
  • CSL Grand Finals: League of Legends Contenders May 15, 2020
    We’re looking forward to plenty of League of Legends action in this year’s CSL Grand Finals! Who will win it all? Get all the background info you need right here! Written by Wyatt French.
  • CSL Grand Finals 2019-20 Hub May 14, 2020
    The CSL Grand Finals are almost here! Who will be crowned this year’s Collegiate Champions? Don’t miss any of the action--get all your must-have info right here at our hub. Written by CSL.
  • CSL's Dota 2 Grand Finals Are In Sight May 14, 2020
    By popular demand, CSL has decided to move forward with Grand Finals. Take a look here for a quick Dota 2 season recap and some thoughts on the teams that will be playing in the biggest event of the year! Written by Charles "Torrasque" Harrison.
  • CS:GO Pre-Grand Finals Check-In May 14, 2020
    We’re finally gearing up for Grand Finals! The CS:GO scene has seen some crazy match-ups so far. Want to see who’s punching a (virtual) ticket to the biggest event of the season? Take a look at our standings here. Written by Gabriel Ionica.
  • Valorant Is Shaping Up to be a Household Name May 12, 2020
    Curious how Valorant, the next big game from League of Legends creators Riot Games, exploded in popularity? We’re taking a look at the game and its burgeoning competitive scene here. Written by Brandon Howard.

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