Esports organization Gen.G have established a two-year partnership with the South Korean based game developer Nimble Neuron this past week. The partnership will bring both parties together to help work on a variety of events and programs for one of the developer’s games, Eternal Return.

Gen.G and Nimble Neuron officially kicked off the partnership this past Wednesday at the Game Developers Conference with a themed party and livestream of the event. This being the first in a series of live events that are being put on by both parties that will occur throughout the year, including events such as Dreamhack and PAX East.

“We’re taking what a partnership has traditionally meant in the esports space and flipping it on its head,” said Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur. “Gen.G has always been about cultivating an inclusive and widespread community worldwide where fans could come together to celebrate esports and gaming as a whole.”

Eternal Return is a multiplayer online survival arena game, which blends gameplay akin to League of Legends and other Battle Royale-type games. With the highly competitive nature of the game, Gen.G felt its partnership was a great way to expand the possibilities for the community.

“Working with Nimble Neuron to put eyes back on their exciting IP is giving us the opportunity to expand our reach beyond the silo of esports to expand their reach to the larger competitive community,” Hur said.

One of the ways in which the game’s competitive community is being expanded on is the creation of the Eternal Return Collegiate Club Program. The program will connect collegiate teams and clubs within the competitive scene of Eternal Return with the developer, providing support such as club sponsorships, mentorship opportunities, and other forms of official backing from Nimble Neuron. Collegiate teams will also be able to compete in official tournaments, eventually leading up to the Eternal Return College Cup event.

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By Carter Barnes