By Sebastian Rooney

Five years ago on June 1, 2017 Xbox Game Pass was launched. A video game streaming service that allowed gamers to play a variety of games. It is the best video game streaming service there is and it is not even close. But what truly makes Xbox Game Pass so goated?

  • It Gives Indie Games a Platform

    Through Game Pass, indie games are able to see real play. With a membership to Game Pass you are able to play games you would never pay for. Whether it is because it looked like a fun game or are in it for the gamerscore, smaller studios can reach a bigger audience through Game Pass.

  • “Free” Day 1 Releases

    When games come out they can range anywhere from $20 to $70. However with Game Pass, they have Day 1 releases with certain games. New games come onto Game Pass free of charge (assuming you have the membership) and without having to pay for the game itself you are able to play it. While Xbox may not have the exclusives of Sony or Nintendo, they do have quite a few gems in their Game Pass Catalog.

  • The Sheer Variety

    Game Pass offers something for every gamer. Whether it is people that like fast-paced action, the entire DOOM series is there to play. If you like long and interesting story based games, there is the entirety of the Yakuza franchise available to play. No matter how you play or what you play, Game Pass has an option for you to enjoy.

  • Persona 5 Royal is now out on all consoles

    You’ll never see it coming. The long time Playstation exclusive franchise has finally been released on all other platforms as of October 21st. My personal favorite game of all time is now available to play and after spending nearly 400 hours on the PS4 version to 100%, it’s showtime. Time to spend the next week of my life 100 percenting Persona 5 Royal… again.