Microsoft’s $300 Xbox Series S outsold the Switch and PS5 by a considerable margin on Black Friday. This news was reported by Business Insider who pulled the numbers from the Adobe Digital Economy Index.

How Did the Xbox Series S Win Black Friday?

As we covered recently, the PS5 is facing a massive decrease in their production numbers following global microchip shortages. These shortages currently affect numerous industries in technology and production, causing significant supply impacts for gaming hardware and PC parts. 

Adding fuel to the fire, a wave of automated bots have been purchasing PS5s and Switches in mass supply. These units are then turned around and sold by scalpers at astronomical prices. While government officials in the US and UK are looking to ban these practices, it will be a long time before a notable change can be made.

Simply put, it’s been a disaster for Sony and Nintendo to get their hardware into consumers hands, with big box retailers finding themselves routinely out of stock. However, this situation has provided Microsoft with a unique opprotunity to pull ahead in the console wars. Their greatest weapon? Actually having a supply. 

Xbox is Stepping Up Their Game

On top of having stock to sell, Microsoft’s offerings with the Xbox Series S make it a real contender in the console arena. For starters, the Series S is only $300, which is $100 less than the PS5’s digital only console. And the addition of Xbox’s subscription service, Game Pass, means gamers have access to an incredible wealth of content for a seriously low price point. 

Even more value has been added to Game Pass recently. Bethesda’s entire library of games is now available in the service following Microsoft’s acquisition of the company.  

The tech in Xbox has never been cutting edge, which has hampered it’s sales in the past. This season however, it’s proven to be the trump card for Xbox. 

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