Kevin Durant Goes On Major Win Streak in NBA 2k

It would be conventional knowledge to think that professional athletes would be good at sports video games. But there’s actually only a few that laud their digital exploits. But like Liverpool’s Diogo Jota in FIFA, Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant put in major time with the latest NBA 2k. So much so that he put up a win streak of 50 games.

Earlier this month KD, hopped into 2K22’s Park mode and choose violence. KD teamed up with NBA 2k pro players Josh “Choc” Humphries and Stephen “SlayIsland” Lay in a bit of cross-promotion. Both 2k pros are members of the Nets GC, the Brooklyn Nets official NBA 2k League team. Once the trio was assembled they ran through the online lobbies. After running up win after win, Choc posted their 50th victory on Twitter. Durant confirmed the video with a retweet simply saying “50 of em”. The tweet spread through the NBA 2K community as Choc is also one of the most popular content creators in the space as well.

While there’s no indication that KD could put up another streak of this caliber, it’s still an amazing feat. 2k has one of the largest and most skilled player bases in all sports games. So putting up that many wins is nothing to scoff at. And while one might say that taking a NBA pro and a two 2k pros might be unfair, they are still thrown into games with players at their level.

One of the NBA’s most prolific scorers, Kevin Durant is looking for his third NBA championship with the Brooklyn Nets.

Featured Image: NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 24: Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets in action as Ish Smith #10 of the Charlotte Hornets defends during the first half of a game at Barclays Center on October 24, 2021(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

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