Last month there were three games that blew all the others to shame on the PlayStation store. One of them was a no brainer, the other has a huge company backing them and the final is a newcomer that’s likely here to stay.

Number One, NBA 2k22

Right at the very top, is 2k Games NBA 2k22, the most recently release of the NBA basketball simulator. It’s hard to deny the impact sports game continue to have on the gaming industry when they can outperform a giant developer like Bethesda. The NBA 2k games have come a long way from when they started, including more than just the game that happens on the court.

In this years installment, the developers have increased The City mode, which allows players to customize and build their dream neighborhood to their liking when they’re off the court. This includes adding shops with name brand recognition and even going so far as to create an off-the-court career like being a fashion icon or rap artist. They’ve even added in Jake from State Farm to the basketball universe.

Number Two, Deathloop

The second one to top the PlayStation Store should come as no surprise since it has the Fallout studio behind it, Bethesda. Deathloop is a game that’s been on everyone’s radar for a few years and we’re all so excited it’s finally here. The premise is exciting and unique, you play as Cole, a man stuck in a groundhog day type time loop and the only way to stop it is to kill your way out. But, it’s not as simple as that.

The killing your way out itself is a puzzle and you’ll be hounded every step of the way by the clever, sarcastic and beautiful antagonist Julianna. The game is a first person shooter with rogue-lite elements built into as well. It’s an instant classic with memorable characters and some of the most unique game-play in a shooter I’ve seen in quite some time as you discover and create new ways to manipulate the environment.

Number Three, Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Imagine if Pixar and Disney decided to make a game in the veins of Jak and Daxter meets the Legend of Zelda. That’s more or less what you get with Kena: Bridge of Spirits. It’s a beautiful and adorable game about a young spirit guide who risks her life trying to understand the broken spirits of a long destroyed village while trying to help them and the land heal. All with the help of super adorable and cute little companions called rot.

It’s Developer Ember Lab’s first video game and while there are more than a few things they can improve on if they get a chance to make a sequel, it by no means is a terrible game. It’s one of my favorite of the year, in fact, with a focus on collection and puzzles akin to Zelda games. It also gives you weapons and tools similar to games like Zelda (Bow and the Bomb as examples). It has at times a heart wrenching story with beautiful aesthetics and absolutely deserves the love it’s getting.

Feature Image, Screencap from NBA2k22 Gameplay Reveal Trailer.