Competitive Apex Legends player Sweetdreams recently hosted a $10,000 invitational. This tournament is the first time a competitive series will be played on the new map, Storm Point.

As of now, the only map that the competitive community deems good enough for high-level play is Worlds Edge.

But, Storm point is a larger map and allows more room for players to gear up quickly and strategize their next moves. Now we can finally see fights occur regularly throughout the game. A big difference between four squads pouncing on each other in the final circle in a chaotic mess.

NRG came out on top in the Sweetdreams invitational and extended their already impressive winning streak.

Not only did the players enjoy themselves, but the fans did too with strong viewership numbers throughout the tournament. Hopefully, as time goes on, we will see the meta for storm point form and have players accept it as the second competitive map for Apex.