Naruto drops in Fortnite and Pewdiepie has had enough

Fortnite is no stranger to collaboration. In recent years, the battle-royale giant has paired up with pop-culture phenomena like Ariana Grande, Rick and Morty, John Wick, Marvel, and so much more. It’s probably easier to list off who Fortnite hasn’t worked with at this point.

Now Fortnite’s collaboration with Naruto is finally here. Players are able to unlock four characters from the hit anime from the in-game store: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake. Alongside these skins are a glider, two emotes, and two loading screens. 

Map updates have also gone live, allowing players to meet Kakashi on the battlefield and do quests for more unlocks. Players have also enjoyed the latest weapon, a throwable paper bomb kunai, and have been exploring a new creative map based on the show’s Hidden Leaf village. 

Pewdiepie is done with Fortnite 

While many Fortnite and anime fans have eagerly anticipated the release, prominent Youtuber Pewdiepie has a dissenting opinion. 

“Fortnite is ruining everything that I love!” Pewdiepie exclaimed. “They took Superman. They took Master Chief. And now, they’ve come for my boy Naruto! Why? Why does this exist? Who asked for this?”

He also blasted Fortnite’s collaboration with fashion brand Balenciaga, whose recent line sees a plain white hoodie with a Fornite logo going for nearly $500 on its storefront.

Whether you love it or hate it, Fortnite will undoubtedly continue its collaborative conquest. Fans are already clamoring for more, hoping to see the Dragon Ball Z franchise come to the game next.

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