Fortnite FNCS Grand Royale – Europe Takes the Win

Esports organizer Blast and Fortnite publisher Epic recently hosted the explosive FNCS Grand Royale.

With a $5 million dollar prize pool on the line, players from across the world competed for their piece of the pie. The best teams endured an onslaught of triumph and defeat on their way to a treacherous 12 match finale.

After the gruelling two-weekend competition, only seven teams can claim their title as Fortnite FNCS champions. But the European champions took home the bag. A whopping $2.3 million plus an additional $45,000 for each member of the winning team. Making it to first place, GUILD Hen, Falcon TaySon, and Falcon Chapix now hold the mighty axe of champions.

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Written by contributing intern Jose Silas

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