Dead By Daylight Reveals New Original Killer DLC; The Deathslinger

Behaviour™ Interactive has revealed the all-new “Chains of Hate” update for the hit asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight™.

Dead by Daylight | Chapter XV | Teaser

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a …

When the teaser released on February 13, the Dead by Daylight community was speculating endlessly, and many believing the new character would be, horror icon, Pinhead from the Hellraiser series. Including, well-known Dead by Daylight theorist and self-proclaimed “Fog Whisperer”, Paulie Esther.

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I made a thing. Is Pinhead coming? 😱

Though, some may be disappointed, fans can delight in a very unique killer, that should add some very interesting game-play mechanics to the game. Launching on March 10, the major content installment introduces a new killer, The Deathslinger, a speargun-wielding engineer looking to reel in his victims. The Deathslinger has an ear for machines and has a powerful, destructive Hex. His speargun is a heavily modified, hybrid rifle that replaces conventional ammunition with a razor-sharp spear affixed to a chain.

In addition, the update allows gamers to play as the new survivor Zarina Kassir, a daring filmmaker with a knack for staying quiet and manipulating sound. Also, while full of health, Zarina can instantly heal other Survivors from dying to injured, or from injured to healthy. The Chains of Hate update also launches Dead Dawg Saloon, a new playable map. This early settlement on an unforgiving frontier was once the location of an all-out gang war that resulted in a bloodbath.

Starting March 10, Chains of Hate will be available for purchase at $7.99.

For more about Dead by Daylight, we talked with Game Director, Mathieu Cote.

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