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We speak with Mathieu Cote, Game Director of Dead by Daylight about how he and his team work with the community to make the game better.

What does it take to find horror monsters that scare players into coming back over and over again?

Learn more about Dead by Daylight and the new Chapter DLC release, Cursed Legacy, from the game’s director himself, Mathieu Côté! We discuss everything from the fans to the development of the new Oni character, releasing on December 3rd, 2019 on Steam, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Also, watch out for the biggest in-game sale Dead by Daylight has ever done this Black Friday!

For one week only, all characters and 300 outfits are available at a discounted price.

  • 50% off all characters released before Chapter XIII: Stranger Things
  • 30% off Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and The Demogorgon
  • 30% off all store outfits released before Chapter XIII: Stranger Things.

This offer ends on December 5th at 11 AM EST.

Learn more about Dead By Daylight and Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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