Twitch Streamer Avoids Speeding Ticket Thanks to WoW Shadowlands

The latest expansion in the World of Warcraft series dropped, and WoW Shadowlands has been a hit in the WoW community. As something that is bringing together characters new and old across the Wow franchise, there is a huge influx of players coming back into WoW for the first time in what seems like eons.

Because of that, it’s been a bit of an event as far as players setting aside big blocks of time in order to play the new release. But the issue is that, even though the players may be excited to play, they still aren’t allowed to break the law in order to make it happen. 

That’s where streamer bbnogames comes in, and his unnamed friend that was the almost lawbreaker who wanted nothing more than to just play the game. While bbnogames was streaming and playing, his friend that was supposed to be joining him called him and told him that he was pulled over for streaming, and we will leave you to check out his response after what happened next on The Breakdown.

This Story And More On The Breakdown

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And that’s a small taste of just how big this expansion is for the WoW community right now. Between choosing a covenant to group up for the new raids and attempting to discover all the new mounts, it’s a real movement right now.

Even large scale streamers like Asmongold, who is one of the largest WoW streamers on Twitch yet is known for holding a bit of a grudge when it comes to reviewing the WoW series, has had nothing but essentially positive things to say about this expansion. 

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