In a free update last week, Sucker Punch delivered an online co-op mode to their hit Samurai game, “Ghost of Tsushima”. The new “Legends” mode pits up to four players against hordes of supernatural enemies in both story and survival modes. There are three tiers to each map and loads of weapons and gear you can obtain to kit out your killer Samurai. There’s a new Raid mode on the horizon that’s supposed to share an even greater challenge. But for now, here’s a few tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

1. Use Your Strengths

In Legends, you have 4 classes to chose from, each with certain strengths. While you can hack & slash with every class, it isn’t advised. And when it comes to the later stages of survival or the silver/gold missions, not using class abilities correctly will kill you.

Samurai is the closest to a “tank”. Load them up with health and defense charms/perks so they can leap into the fray and stay alive. Hunter’s are ranged specialists and the only class that can equip longbows. If you aren’t picking off enemies from afar with Hunter, you are scuffing your kill potential. Ronin’s are chronically undervalued. They are the only true support class and can revive from anywhere on the map with their special ability. And lastly, Assassins are well…stealthy. They get perks that allow them to do more damage to unsuspecting enemies.

Learn to play effectively with each class and you’ll rack up the kills.

2. Use Healing Drums Sparingly

Healing isn’t exactly plentiful in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. I say that because Healing Drums is a double-edged sword. Scattered across every map are Taiko drums that, when struck, provide a small healing field for you and your allies. The problem is that once you use them, that’s it, you can’t heal from them again. Survival runs can swiftly end because someone panic healed and left the group with no support. If you haven’t used a continue, or it’s early in the Survival run, save drums till at least halfway through. This way when it gets crazy you can heal up as you dart from fight to fight, instead of in-between rounds.

3. Reroll Your Good Gear/Dismantle The Old

Listen, at the end of the day, the Legend’s mode is a looter game. You are only as strong as your weakest piece of equipment. You almost always get gear at the end of stages but it’s in the re-rolls where you can really go crazy. If a piece of gear is “Rare” or higher, you can reroll it to get more favorable attributes. Got an awesome sword but wish it had some Melee damage buffs? Reroll. Want a perk that makes it so you are never staggered by enemies? Reroll. You get the drift.

However, by rerolling you use up vital resources (which basically function like currency). The game gives you a ton of gear but not a lot of these critical items. So when you have a few pieces that you want to keep, dismantle the rest. Outside of a few situational items and builds, you don’t need a ton of gear for each slot. Dismantle your old gear and get back vital resources for your rerolls and make the perfect killing machine.

4. Do Your Bonus Objectives

I cannot stress this enough. It doesn’t matter what mode you are in, DO YOUR BONUS OBJECTIVES. You almost always get Rare+ gear and honestly, some of them are really easy to do. Survival mode objectives tend to be a bit harder. Things like “complete 10 perfect parries” are a pain to do in a 1 v 1 let alone with 20 enemies assaulting you. But if you luck out and get an objective like, “complete 10 air assassinations” there’s no reason NOT to do it. There’s no time limit on story mission objectives, so go after them once you’ve cleared out the enemies.

In a game where gear IS how you progress, you are working against your own interests to not maximize your rewards. Do the objectives.

5. Use Points Wisely In Survival

In Survival mode, there will be one or two alters where you can use points to buy team buffs. You can either get a raid-wide heal, ammo replenish, a spirit animal ally, or make it so enemies catch on fire when near your team. All of these come in handy but don’t just use the points because they are there. The ammo replenish is mostly a waste of points as ammo from enemies is plentiful. And really only Hunters should be concerned with ammo in the first place. The other three, however, can be game-changing. The buffs also operate on a cooldown, so everyone can buy spirit dogs and overrun the AI.

Make sure that you are stacking points for the mid/late rounds. On Bronze and Silver, you shouldn’t have to use the alter at all before round 10 or so.

6. Prioritize Strong Enemies

This is the single biggest mistake groups make in Legend’s mode. Make sure you are killing the right enemies as you fight. It might be tempting to pick off the big boys first, but a single Oni Defender or archer can wreck an entire party if you aren’t careful.

I tend to go after Disciples —> Archers/Bombmen —> Swords —> Oni Archers —> Spears —> Brutes —> Shields —> Oni Defenders —> Oni Brutes. Hunters are a bit different. Because they have superior ranged abilities they should focus on ALL archers first. That way they can’t be countered nor will they rain fire onto your teammates.


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THERE’S A SWORD SYSTEM IN THE GAMER FOR A REASON. In almost every game I’ve seen teammates hack away with a sword style that isn’t the weakness for their enemy. Every player starts with only Stone Style, which is good against other swordsmen and that’s about it. Prioritize weapons that can change sword styles asap. Taking out Oni Defenders and Brutes is SIGNIFICANTLY quicker with Water and Moon style. Not changing your style means you have a higher chance of being blocked and parried by enemies.

So that’s a few of our tips for the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends! Let us know on social media some of your tips and favorite builds!


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