Before the recent news of Microsoft’s Mixer shutting down to join Facebook Gaming, recent racism accusations were made towards Mixer executives.

A former staff member for the Mixer team known as Milan K Lee has now come forward on Twitter with what he is calling Mixer: The Black Experience. In it, he cites an issue with racism from a higher up Mixer staff member who was calling a lot of the shots, along with nothing being done by Microsoft about it. It all kicked off over the weekend with Lee posting to Twitter a series of accusations where he talked about being the only black employee in Seattle at Mixer headquarters. The most eye-popping accusation comes from a description of a conversation Lee had with an unnamed executive of the mixer team.

During a meeting, the executive said verbatim “For me, I am the slave master, I own partners” and, after a series of internal investigations, was found to not be crossing any lines, along with many other statements that were included in the problems that Lee brought to light. I know that many people are going to have a charged take on this, and it’s still unfolding so I’m sure we will talk about it again, but I think this is going to start a real conversation about how Mixer had next to no representation of people of color, not only in their management team but also in their featured streamers

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