SEGA Releasing Retro ‘Game Gear Micro’ Smaller Than Your Palm

Written By: Anne Erickson | 101.1 WRIF Detroit
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Coburn Communications

Happy 60th birthday, SEGA! In honor of the milestone, the video game developer and publisher is releasing a special edition of its classic Game Gear console, with the “Game Gear Micro”.

The console, which debuted back in 1990, is tiny, with a width that’s about the size of the palm of your hand.

The new version recalls the classic design, with small radial and duo-button controls and a screen that can illuminate 32 colors at a time. It truly looks like something out of 1990, doesn’t it? “Game Gear” and “SEGA” are also featured on the front of the display.

The Game Gear Micro console is available in four colors: black, blue, red, and yellow. SEGA fans who pre-order all four color editions will score a free replica of the original Game Gear’s “Big Windo” magnifying accessory.

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『ゲームギアミクロ』2020年10月6日発売!予約受付中!セガ設立60周年&ゲームギア30周年記念!あのゲームギアがミニを超える「ミクロ」サイズになって登場!『ゲームギアミクロ』公式サイト©SEGA ©ATLUS#ゲームギアミクロ #ゲームギア #セガハード

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