Nailed It and Failed It: Kevin Smith and COD Warzone

Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week on Nailed It and Failed It we have legendary nerd icon and director, Kevin Smith and a sick kill in COD Warzone.

Nailed It: Kevin Smith

Nerd icon and legendary director Kevin Smith, owns his own comic book store called The Secret Stash. During this Covid-19 Pandemic everyone is falling on hard times and most comic book shops are struggling as people forgo buying comics to save money. Kevin Smith paid all outstanding balances at his shop. Anyone who had an outstanding bill for their pull lists are now debt free at Smith’s shop.

Something you can do to help your local comic book shop, if you have the means, is to pre-order. Some shops may do curb-side pick-up. If they don’t, when the Quarantine is lifted you’ll have a huge back-log to read. The business you provide will have helped some local comic shop through these tough times.

Kevin Smith’s Comic Store Is Paying Off Every Customer’s Bill

Director and podcaster Kevin Smith paid off the entire remaining balance on pending pull lists for his customers at the Secret Stash. It’s currently a tough time for both comic book shop owners and customers, but Kevin Smith made things a little easier for his customers at the Secret Stash.

Failed It: COD Warzone

Following Kevin Smith and his nailed it, COD Warzone is home for our failed it. This week’s Failed It isnt for the star of this viral gaming clip, but from the victim who got smoked in the Gulag. YouTuber Noel Miller recently decided to make COD Warzone even more challenging by playing the game with a steering wheel. The steering wheel setup made the actual in game play very difficult. He was sent to the Gulag to battle his way out and this is where the failed it comes in. Miller actually wins the Gulag battle and that makes the guy who lost the failed it for this week.

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