Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week on Nailed It and Failed It…

Nailed It!

Over the weekend Carpe of the Philadelphia Fusion hit a major milestone. In their match against the Atlanta Reign Carpe got his 4000th Lifetime Final Blow, the first player to cross that mark in the entire league. The second closest person is Profit from the Seoul Dynasty who hasn’t even hit 3,500 yet.

Failed It!

This week’s Failed It comes from the newest hot game, Valorant, the biggest game streaming on Twitch. Valorant is in closed beta access, which means you have to be invited to play the game. One of the downsides of having early access though is the prevalence of bugs that can break the game. One such case as reported by user /Akiri matsuu was the most upvoted post on the Valorant subreddit for a few days, showing the game absolutely breaking when a weird glitch happened.

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