Screenshot: Echo’s Origins, Blizzard Entertainment

Last month Blizzard and Overwatch unveiled the newest addition to the hero line up, Echo. Echo is the 32nd hero in Overwatch. She was first revealed two years ago at Blizzcon in the announcement trailer for Ashe. Fans speculated that she would be a support hero, but Blizzard surprised everyone by making her a DPS hero.

Echo Goes Live

Echo has been on the public test realm for players to try out for a few weeks. According to the PlayOverwatch Twitter she will be hitting live servers next week on April 14th.

Due to her duplicate ultimate ability, Echo is one of the most unique heroes in the game. Her Ultimate allows her to copy the likeness and the abilities of another hero from the enemy team. This form has a short duration, but Echo’s ultimate generation rate is significantly increased. Allowing her to obtain and use the ultimate of the copied hero very fast. In most situations if the player is skilled enough, they can use multiple ultimates in one use of Duplicate.

There is no word yet on when Echo will enter professional play for the Overwatch League. When she does she’s likely to shake up the meta. She has very powerful abilities that make her an asset to any composition. They Include flight, breaking shields and finishing off most characters in an instant when they’re at half health.

Echo is described on the PlayOverwatch website as, “an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles.” You can watch Echo’s origin video here.

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