Major Call of Duty Warzone Updates coming soon. Infinity Ward is getting ready for big changes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone on all gaming consoles.  There are a few issues being investigated right now and here are the major ones that the infinity ward will be addressing first.

Call of Duty Warzone Updates

• Regiments causing error 13-71

• Executions near walls and on elevated surfaces will get canceled mid-animation

• When mounting while crouched, counts as a standing mount and the UI position indicator shows the player as standing

• Duplicate clan tags appearing in kill-cams

• A ViewModel animation pop occurs with a combat knife when players toggle on and off their NVGs

• Audio on the PKM is incorrect

• Reports of players spawning in the blocked out hallway in Khandor Hideout and are unable to move

• Wyatt’s Outback skin can be seen through Thermal Scopes

What fans of the game really want to know is when they will be able to run quads and duos in the warzone and when it will be run under the hardcore format. While I haven’t seen anything saying that those changes will come, hopefully, the fan’s voices will be heard and changes will be made to the game.

Written By Bryan Bowles – FOX Sports Radio Charlotte