(Media provided by Team Critical Hit)

Enplex, the developers behind the forthcoming Sci-Fi game, Population Zero. One of the things that makes PZ stand out from a crowd of similar games is its unique 168-hour cycle and what it means to “win” on Planet Kepler.

When starting the game for the first time, players will be challenged with surviving not only against Kepler’s environmental hazards, ferocious beasts and basic necessities. The time itself will throw down a challenge!

  • The very first cycle starts in a special instanced Drop Zone, a single-player Tutorial
  • Game cycles last 168 hours, or 7 consecutive days – a light day on Kepler
  • You have more than enough time to complete the main objective, explore the planet, engage themselves with building, resource gathering and crafting, battle mobs or other players
  • Each cycle rewards players with account experience necessary to unlock new modes, mechanics and further enhance the gameplay
  • Win or lose – you still get rewards and experience according to your progress during a session

Another world. New rules.

Multiplayer survival games are often criticized for:

  • the lack of a clear objective besides goals a player sets for themselves
  • the inability to achieve a long-term goal in a realistic timeframe
  • a steep learning curve for newcomers

After a few hours, having accustomed to the rules and feel of a game, players have to come up with their own set goals and activities for the rest of dozens and hundreds of hours. However, should a game have a clear objective or a win condition, only the most hardy grinder is capable of completing it. Those who are new to the genre are often put off by the difficult nature of survival mechanics and constant threat from the more experienced survivalist.

Having taken these points into consideration, we included 7-day cycles and meta progression into Population Zero. The 7-day time limit does not imply that gamers have to play all week long without taking breaks.

We give our players enough time to explore the planet and farm resources, build their first shelter and craft some awesome gear, get familiar with the storyline, slay mobs, and battle other players.

Time in Population Zero is just one of the obstacles players will face and have to learn to overcome. For instance, an experienced, lucky, or player joined by a group of friends, will be able to successfully reach the endgame much earlier.

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