DJMAX RESPECT V Officially Launches on Steam

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NEOWIZ is proud to announce DJMAX RESPECT V has officially  launched on Steam, and is on sale now, 20% off, for $39.99 USD. Accompanying the launch, a new Missions system, Ladder Match mode, and numerous Steam Achievements are now available.


DJMAX RESPECT #V #EXTENSION FULL M/V★ Title: Move Yourself★ Composed & Lyrics by IMLAY / YESEO★ Visualized by SARA, SB_ENGINEER★ Sung by YESEO/V#DJMAX #RESPE…

Developed by Rocky Studio, and published by NEOWIZDJMAX RESPECT V, the PC edition of 2018’s hit rhythm game and PlayStation 4 exclusive, is a culmination of every past DJMAX release. The base game includes 161 unique tracks in total, including an original opening track as well as nine newly licensed songs exclusive to DJMAX RESPECT V, with dozens more due to be released as DLC in the coming months.

For the first time since DJMAX Online, originally released in 2004, competitive online play features prominently in DJMAX RESPECT V. Supporting up to seven players simultaneously in online matches, as well as head-to-head ranked ladder matches, players can again challenge one another and climb the leaderboards.

Ji Soo Moon, CEO of NEOWIZ expressed excitement for the game saying

“The future is bright for DJMAX! […] The positive response to our Early Access period has been overwhelming, and we cannot wait to introduce more content for players in the months following today’s launch.”

welcome to the space (Full M/V) – DJMAX RESPECT V EXTENSION

DJMAX RESPECT #V #EXTENSION FULL M/V★ Title: welcome to the space★ Composed by Pory★ Lyrics by Nyam★ Visualized by RDR★ Sung by Jisun/V#DJMAX #RESPECT #V #We…

DJMAX RESPECT V available now, 20% off, for $39.99 USD through March 19. All available DLC, including the game’s digital soundtracks will also be on sale for 20% off through March 19.

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