(Media provided by Uber Strategist)

Attention all zombie-killing fanatics and apocalypse preppers! Assemble Entertainment today announced update 1.4 for Deadly Days, the comical rogue-lite zombie survival game taking the indie shooter world by storm. You can jump in right now — just don’t forget your banana suit and flamethrower!

The latest update will inspire those that enjoy creeping about in the shadows of night; the newly implemented lighting features drastically enhance “after hours” gameplay for extra-stealthy zombie slaying. Additionally, couch play lovers can also rejoice as controller support has been fully implemented. 

Deadly Days is a unique strategic zombie survival rogue-lite. Manage and protect a group of survivors and help them find a cure for the ravenous disease that has taken over! Discover and use a wide variety of crazy items, special abilities, and lethal weapons.

Our apocalypse started simply enough – with the fast-food chain MKing launching a new burger product on the market. Addictive additives were secretly added to the meat in order to boost sales. You see where this is going, right? The plan worked out. However, the addictive drug meant that all logical brain areas shut down over time, except for the “Gimme fresh meat!” section of the brain. And it doesn’t want just a light snack, no, this is full-on brain buffets that it craves! As if that weren’t bad enough, this disease also prevents people from dying a natural death! To survive this munching monster nightmare, a high level of force is necessary.

Developed by PixelSpit and published by Assemble Entertainment, Deadly Days is currently available on Windows PC and Mac and features rogue-lite and RPG elements unique to the top-down wave-battler genre. For more information, visit http://pixelsplit.games/portfolio/deadlydays.