En Masse Entertainment is ready to challenge TERA’s console players to set sail for an incredible spotlight dungeon starting Tuesday, March 3rd.

While moviegoers are cruising to Fantasy Island, you can set a course for Forsaken Island to face off against the cursed aristocrat Desolarus and his ghostly inhabitants subjects. It’s not a journey for the faint-hearted, but those willing to face the island’s dangers will find the rewards worthwhile.

For those interested in more peaceful pursuits, look no further than our celebrated fishing system. With the Forsaken Souls update, players will not only enjoy auto-fishing, but can keep tabs on chat messages in real-time thanks to the viewable chat window!

This update also introduces some sweet quality-of-life improvements like:

  • Updated Loot Box presentation
  • Anonymous Leaderboard option (hide your nameplate)
  • Improved Inventory info
  • Improved system options

That’s a lot to unpack, so keep an eye on the TERA site for more information!