Pascal’s Wager Team Reveals 2020 Roadmap

(Media provided by Team Critical Hit)

Giant Network recently released Pascal’s Wager on the App Store where it has earned player praise for its stunning graphics and stellar gameplay. Developers aren’t sitting back on their laurels, however, and today they have revealed the first half of the 2020 roadmap for Pascal’s Wager.

March will start off with a bang and a free content update that includes the new Game+ mode.

“We’ve heard players loud and clear on wanting to continue their adventures and we agree. Players can continue the game from the very start with all of their important progressions such as Blessed level, Trophies, and more.”

May will see Android players join in the fray as well as the addition of a second major content update. This time, players will set off for The Dark Mist, a brand new area to explore that will challenge even the heartiest players.

While the team isn’t quite ready to reveal details just yet, they want players to know that the very first expansion is coming to Pascal’s Wager in June. Players will open up a new storyline with new characters, new scenarios, new lands to explore, and, of course, new enemies to overcome. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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