As new Legends release and old ones get updated and hot fixed, the meta surrounding character picks are constantly changing in Respawn Entertainment’s Free-to-Play Battle Royale game, Apex Legends. The prime factor behind your success rate in the Apex Arena will always come down to aim, but picking the right team composition will boost your chances to take teammate fights with your squad. So where do all the characters fall on our Apex Legends Tier List?

Here is our definitive listings of the growing roster of diverse Legends and where they rank against one another as of Season 9, Apex Legends Legacy update.

APEX Legends D Tier


The reason Rampart is so low is that she requires too much prep time to make full use of her kit. When you’re able to, she’s devastating. But it’s not often you get a chance to set up and ambush another group. Even if you do, now you’re at the mercy of being pinched by another team.

Or, even worse, you have to choose to abandon your setup if the target team rotates to a new vantage point. She does get points for being the first legend to have a passive that directly upgrades her weapon usage with LMGs.

Rampart Abilities
Screenshot of Rampart’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Octane is a selfish character when it comes to his skill kit, there isn’t a whole lot of cohesion with his teammates. Octane’s can be hard to hit, his passive regen is really good. But when it comes right down to it, all he brings to the party is a bounce pad. This can be useful for getting to interesting locations, but with the addition of Horizon, she can do the same thing and much more often.

Octane Abilities, APEX Legends, D Tier
Screenshot of Octane’s Skills from APEX Legends.

APEX Legends C Tier


The newest addition to Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy is a very fun character, but most of abilities carry a very high risk to reward ratio. Not being able to shoot while flying and traveling slowing than an Octane Jump means anyone who gets eyes on you, will shoot you down.

Her tactical ability is the lowest risk on her plate and can be oppressive to an enemy squad if used liberally. Her ultimate ability might be her most valuable, being able to escape and reposition in any situation is key if you can get it off without being downed.

Screenshot of Valkyrie's Skills from APEX Legends.
Screenshot of Valkyrie’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Horizon can do some very fun stuff but a lot of it is very situational. Her passive is OK, taking away the stun effect of dropping from high distances which synergizes with her her tactical ability that lets you reach spots you normally wouldn’t be able to. It can also be a potential denial of areas. Her ultimate can set up some nasty plays, but if your enemies are watching out for it, it’s easy to escape or destroy.

Horizon Abilities
Screenshot of Horizon’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Mirage can be a lot of fun to play and serves as a great distraction. But when it comes down to it, veteran players can easily tell the difference between Mirage and his decoys. The ability to control your duplicates allows you the chance that someone might take a shot at it before they shoot you.

His ultimate ability which sends out a handful in several directions can cause a lot of confusion in a big team fight. He also has a decent passive that makes him invisible when reviving someone. But if an enemy sees you going for the revive, you’re dead anyhow.

Mirage Abilities
Screenshot of Mirage’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Revenant got some really interesting passives and abilities that veteran players can make use of. The catch is if you’re that good of a player you’ll probably make better use of higher-tier characters. His passive allows him to move just as quickly crouched as he does standing up. His silencing ability can be strong against some Legends.

But the thing to remember is that gunplay is king in Apex Legends, so while that Lifeline might not be able to revive her comrade with her Drone, she can still shoot you. His ultimate ability is his most dangerous if you get the drop on an enemy squad and you have the time to set it up.

RevenantAbilities, APEX Legends, C Tier
Screenshot of Revenant’s Skills from APEX Legends.

APEX Legends B Tier


This Static Defender can be a big boon in late-stage engagement. The downside is that a lot of her strengths can be negated depending on the circle placement. Her fencing capabilities allow her to bunker down in tight spaces. She can wall off entrances that enemies need to push through.

Her ultimate ability will both restore shields and completely protect you from any incoming projectiles like grenades and ordnance. Wattson would be much higher if she wasn’t reliant on the terrain to properly utilize her fences.

Wattson Abilities
Screenshot of Wattson’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Caustic has the same strengths and weaknesses as Wattson and in close, confined spaces he is king. His gas traps deal damage and slow your movement, making sprinting impossible. Gas traps are very versatile and can block doors from opening. His ultimate is a giant cloud of his gas, great even in open areas.

He has the Fortified passive ability which makes him take less damage. Overall in wide-open spaces, he becomes less effective. However, since his gas doesn’t hurt him or his team, it can also be used as cover to retreat and rotate.

Caustic Abilities
Screenshot of Caustic’s Skills from APEX Legends.


A lot of people would put her lower on the list because her abilities don’t bring anything to an actual firefight. However, between her ability to see Purple and Gold equipment through walls and her Black Market ultimate, she can be a big boon. Her ultimate charges so fast that with a Loba in the party you should never be without your ideal setup.

She’s been the difference between dual-wielding Mozambiques with 12 shells or an R-301Volt combo with more than enough ammo. She can also teleport around with her bracelet, but be careful where you land because she takes her time putting it back on her wrist making you an ideal target.

Loba Abilities
Screenshot of Loba’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Gibby is a solid choice for beginning players. He has a bigger hitbox, but as a result, he takes 15% less damage from all sources thanks to his passive Fortified. He also can’t be slowed by weapon effects. When aiming down sights he deploys a gun shield that protects his body from incoming shots from the front until it’s depleted.

His dome shield is both a blessing and a curse. You can’t shoot into or out of it. But while within Gibby can revive in 4 seconds instead of 5. His bombardment Ultimate can be pretty devastating as well.

Gibraltar Abilities
Screenshot of Gibraltar’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Bangalore is a solid Legend, but the downsides are a bad player can be just as detrimental to your own team. Her passive gives you a slight speed boost whenever you take fire or are nearly hit by fire. Smoke Launcher is excellent for forcing an enemy team to rotate or giving some cover to your own team.

Just keep in mind abilities from Bloodhound or Crypto can negate it. Sometimes even your own teammates can get turned around in the smoke. Rolling Thunder is a decent ultimate for halting pushes or taking advantage of another team fight in the open.

Bangalore Abilities, APEX Legends, B Tier
Screenshot of Bangalore’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Fuse is a more aggressive version of Bangalore. Whereas Bangalore gives you the ability to use smoke to confuse and force your opponents to move. Fuse, with his tactical ability and passive that allows grenade stacking, forces the enemies to move or get blown up.

His ultimate ability rains fire down from above and can pin an enemy team to one location or cause them to burn and get slowed as they try to escape out of it. He’s all offense and can be scary to meet on the battlefield.

Screenshot of Fuse's Skills from APEX Legends.
Screenshot of Fuse’s Skills from APEX Legends.

APEX Legends A Tier


There’s a reason all the recon characters are at the top of this list, information is power. He can use his drone to safely scout out areas and ping banners to know if any squads are even close. He is vulnerable while doing this, however, so hide well. If you leave his drone in an area, anyone who walks within its line of sight will be highlighted.

His ultimate ability EMP needs to be cast through his drone but will do 50 shield damage, disable traps, and slow enemies. Finding the right timing can be challenging so your team isn’t fighting a 2 v 3. Crypto is also able to use his drone to grab dead teammates’ banners and respawn them.

Crypto Abilities
Screenshot of Crypto’s Skills from APEX Legends.


Her ultimate Care Package is good early on for helping you get geared up quickly and will always have an upgrade for someone in your squad but using it can also alert nearby enemies to your location. Her healing drone is pretty neutral. Not going to help a lot in combat. She also gets extra supplies from blue supply bins.

Where her in combat usefulness comes from is her DOC drone which she can use to revive, leaving her free to keep shooting and defending while picking up a teammate. If both your teammates are down, you can use DOC to pick up one while you pick up the other. There’s no cooldown on the DOC revive either. Double Lifeline up with a Golden Backpack and reviving a teammate gets you back in the fight fast.

Lifeline Abilities, APEX Legends, A Tier
Screenshot of Lifeline’s Skills from APEX Legends.

APEX Legends S Tier


Pathfinder has consistently had some of the highest win rates since the launch of Apex Legends. It takes a very high skill to utilize him correctly. But his movement capabilities with good aim are unparalleled.

His Zipline Gun allows him and his team to traverse great distances fast and get to hard-to-reach areas. And his grappling hook in the right hands can do all sorts of crazy things, including pulling players to you.

Pathfinder Abilities, APEX Legends, S Tier
Screenshot of Pathfinder’s Skills from APEX Legends.


The two key abilities Bloodhound utilizes is the Eye of the Allfather, which is a sonar they send out in front of them and highlights any enemies. Bloodhound also sees tracks on the ground with a time of how long ago they were left. This effectively allows you to track down nearby enemies.

Bloodhound’s ultimate ability augments the tactical, allowing them to use it much more often. Enemies can also be alerted to your general location when you use it as it sends out a giant red sonar wave.

Bloodhound Abilities
Screenshot of Bloodhound’s Skills from APEX Legends.


The Queen of the Arena, Wraith will forever be the sweaty, try-hards go-to character in Apex Legends. She has a passive called Voices from the Void that warns you about multiple incoming threats. Such include; someone aiming at you, a grenade incoming, traps nearby, enemies nearby, etc. Her tactical ability Into the Void is great for getting out of a scrape quickly.

Her ultimate is invaluable during high-stakes engagements as a tactical retreat. It can be the difference between healing and shielding up before finishing the game. Or it could turn a pinched loss into a third-party win. Wraith is great at getting in, getting the job done, and getting back out.

Wraith Abilities
Screenshot of Wraith’s Skills from APEX Legends.

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