By Rueben Osterling

The League of Legends star, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, departed from Team Liquid. He will be a free agent in the upcoming year, looking for offers in the League Championship Series (LCS) and the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). 

A Historical Figure

Fans thought Team Liquid would be the Dream Team. With superstars from Europe and America, they were expected to dominate the LCS. Only a couple of other teams were able to compete with Team Liquid. However, they struggled in this year’s playoffs. They almost won a few LCS championships, but ultimately left empty-handed.

Through it all, Bjergsen remained the team’s biggest star. He was able to achieve the highest Kill/Death/Assists (KDA) in the league. He had the seventh-most kills in the LCS during the 2022 Summer Split and made up over 69 percent of his team’s total kills. So, it was hard for Team Liquid to hear of his departure. 

In his ten-year career, he has a history of switching to different teams and roles in the esport. He’s ranged from being the starting midlaner for Team SoloMid to head coach for their LCS team. He could possibly pick up a contract with his fifth team. Or retire. 

What’s Left?

After all these championships, accolades, and respect from professional gamers, Bjergsen has done it all. Having this time off from competitive gaming, he may not want to come back as some gaming websites speculate. What more can he do?