The world of Apex Legends, EA and Respawns free-to-play battle royale moves fast and there’s no better Legend that demonstrates that more than Octane. He was the first character added to the roster post-launch and has been a fan favorite ever since. Some people refer to battle royales as cross-country simulator, but if Octane is your Legend of choice than it’s nothing more than brisk jog. Here we’ll give you all the information you need to play and master Octane in Apex Legends.

Who is Apex Legends Octane?

Octavio Silva, known as Octane to his fellows Legends is from the planet of Psamanthe, is the heir to Silva Pharmaceuticals and as such wanted for nothing in life. This led to boredom and that boredom led to a life performing death-defying stunts and posting them for his fans. Octane is essentially a YouTube personality in the future world of Apex Legends.

In what Octane now describes as the single greatest day of his life, he tried to beat the record for a Gauntlet racing course by launching himself through the course using a grenade. The accident left his legs so damaged, he was told he’d never walk again. With some help from his friend Ajay Che aka Lifeline, he got new biotic legs. At that point he decided the stunts he was use wasn’t enough and went for the ultimate adrenaline rush…joining the Apex Games.

How To Play Octane in Apex Legends?

In the Apex Games, Octane’s like to move fast and everything about him is designed to express that. At the cost of his own health he can boost his speed to leave enemies in the dust. He has the ability to traverse difficult terrain and bring his squad along with him, but most Octane’s can be dangerous game all on their own if played correctly. You need to know exactly when to fight and when to flee.

Screenshot: Octane's skills in Apex Legends.
Screenshot: Octane’s skills in Apex Legends.

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Octane’s passive ability is very powerful as it allows Octane to slowly regain health over time if he’s not taking any damage. It’s not going to save you in a pinch, so you do still need to keep some first-aid items on you. The rate at which Octane heals is 1hpsecond, so if you know you’re safe and only have a bit of health to get back you don’t have to waste syringes or med kits.

Swift Mend will also restore health if you’re knocked down, but does nothing to stop bleed out timer.

Screenshot: Octane's Stim ability.
Screenshot: Octane’s Stim ability.

Tactical Ability: Stim

The Tactical Stim ability is what makes Octane really fun for players and really annoying for enemies to deal with. When activated it will take away 15th of your health, 20 hit points. But in exchange, for 6 seconds it will boost your movement speed by 30% and your sprinting speed by 40%.

That means if you need to run away from a fight, no one can catch up to you. So long as you can dodge bullets or put structures in your path.

Using this ability can’t kill you, so if you have 1 hit point and hit the stim you won’t die unless a stray bullet manages to catch you. Upon activating a stim, it also removes slow effects like an arc star burst or the effect from Wattson fences.

So how exactly should you use stims? If there’s no fighting going on, it’s a great way to get around but don’t be that Octane that leaves your party behind. In battle, make sure you’re utilizing corners and high ground and if your shield breaks or your health gets lower than the enemies, don’t be afraid to run away. You just need to lose them for a moment, get healed and shield up and go back in.

Having an Octane constantly pestering you is one of the most annoying things in the game and can tilt even the most veteran pro. This could lead to several scenarios, such as the team or a single player tunneling on you, trying to chase you down (something they will not accomplish) and putting them into positions you can use to turn the odds in your favor.

Screenshot: Octane's Launch Pad in Apex Legends.
Screenshot: Octane’s Launch Pad in Apex Legends.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Octane’s Ultimate the Launch Pad ability can be great for a few reasons, though it’s lost some of it’s uniqueness with the addition of recent characters. It takes 60 seconds for the ultimate ability to charge, so while traversing the map you should use it liberally to get around.

The Jump Pad is best used for getting to hard to reach spots, but it has some unique interactions. If you slide when hitting it you will go further, but not as high. If you’re standing up straight you’ll go higher, but not as far. Everyone who hits it also has the option of doing a double jump for more distance.

It’s a great tool for getting to hard to reach spots which will give you an advantage over enemy squads, but it’s also a great tool for getting out of dodge quickly.

You can also use the Launch Pad as a way to deny enemies entrance through some doors, they’ll have to take the time to destroy it or risk being bounced all over the place.

Screenshot: View from up high after using Octane's Launch Pad.
Screenshot: View from up high after using Octane’s Launch Pad.

Become a Master Legend

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Feature ImageScreenshot courtesy EA and Respawn’s ‘Meet Octane – Apex Legends Character Trailer‘.