Valkyrie is the 17th character to be added to the battle royale Apex Legends and she debuted in Season 9 Legacy. Apex Legends shares the same world as one of Respawn Entertainments’ older games, Titanfall. While there are many facets that Titanfall and Apex Legends share, Valkyrie is one of the most direct crossovers since she grew up piloting Titan mechs.

Who is Apex Legends Valkyrie?

Valkyrie’s father was a Titan mech pilot who went by the call sign Viper and in Titanfall, he was actually an enemy that the player character had to fight and kill. In Valkyrie’s Stories from the Outlands video, we see her growing up wanting to walk in her father’s path and become a Titan pilot as well.

We find out that Valkyrie blames Kuben Blisk for her father’s death and has been planning revenge for most of her life against him. But when she’s given the chance, he points out that her father wanted more for her than just revenge. Should she follow through with it, her stories end there.

Valkyrie takes her invitation from Blisk to join the Apex games and says her callsign is Valkyrie, not Little Viper, to which she was referred to by Blisk.

How To Play Valkyrie in Apex Legends?

With Season 9 still a few weeks away, we don’t know specifics about Valkyrie and exactly how to best utilize her on the field. But we can make some educated guesses based on her leak kit and theorize how it best synergies with other Legends on the field of battle.

As a former Titan pilot, Valkyrie will have the ability to get altitude over other players which is great for getting the high ground and good vantage points. But this will also mean that you have no cover and ripe for the picking for any eagle-eyed player in the arena.

Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie's abilities.
Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie’s abilities.

Passive Ability: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie’s Jetpack is one of the most versatile traversal abilities in the game, with it you can get to many hard to reach and advantageous spots in the game. Until Pathfinder’s grapple you don’t need to worry about timing or trajectory to be able to master it. Double tapping your jump engages the jets and lets you flight upward for a limited amount of time.

Be warned, however, because you move slower than Octane coming off a jump pad and if someone has sights on you it is very easy to take you out of the sky and out of the game. Pressing jump again turns off the jets and lets you fall back to the ground.

The ability is good for getting around, but very dangerous to use in fights. Combining it with Valkyrie’s tactical ability can be a very rewarding play but with just as much risk. It’s also very important to note that when you have your jetpacks engaged, you cannot shoot your gun, but you can still launch missiles.

Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie's VTOL Jets passive ability in flight mode.
Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets passive ability in flight mode.

Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm

Like Fuse, Valkyrie has a highly offensive tactical ability where pressing the Q button will bring up a targeting reticule. It’s three wide and four long and covers a very wide area of effect. Anyone in that area when the missiles land will take 25 damage from the first impact and 3 damage from any other munitions that hit. They also come with a brief stun effect, it’s a very effective way to get a leg up on other squads.

Missile Swarm should be used liberally when in a fire fight, they add confusion and pressure to enemy teams when they hear them coming out and if you can land some hits, it’s game over if your squad has the follow-up. Combed with something like Horizon’s ultimate and it’s game over for whoever is on the receiving end. It’s also a great way to deter a team from shooting at you when you’re in the air with jetpacks.

Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie's tactical ability Cluster Missile hitting targets.
Screenshot Apex Legends, Valkyrie’s tactical ability Cluster Missile hitting targets.

Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive

Legend’s ultimate abilities can be the make or break and are often very unique and signature to the core of the character, in that light Skyward Dive may be Valkyrie’s coolest ability. To be it simply, Skyward is like a jump-balloon that you can use anywhere. When engaged, Valkyrie primes her jetpack and her teammates can attach by pressing E, after a short burn Valkyrie engages and shoots the squad up into the air.

This lets you redeploy to anywhere around you, but there’s a bonus hidden passive in not just this ability but also when you launch out of the dropship at the start of a map. Valkyrie has her own personal HUD that will mark any other squad or enemy for you if they’re within 200 meters. This allows you to plan your landing and attack more reliably then just going off the gun fire or the last place you saw the enemy team.

Screenshot: Apex Legends, Valkyrie in burn mode before launch with her Skyward ultimate.
Screenshot: Apex Legends, Valkyrie in burn mode before launch with her Skyward ultimate.

Skyward can be very beneficial at getting your team out of a hot spot and into a game-winning position. Just make sure you’re not trying to use it in the open and that you have a few seconds to set it up. You can’t shoot when you’re preparing the jump and if someone gets eyes on you before the burn, you’re a sitting firing range dummy.

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Feature Image Screenshot from Apex Legends ‘Stories from the Outlands’ – ‘Northstar’ by Respawn Entertainment and EA.