Loba Andrade is a high society thief added to APEX Legends in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor. She’s considered a support character and if used correctly, can be a massive boon to your squad in the arena. She has very limited strengths in combat situations and as such is often overlooked by most players. However, where Loba shines is in her preparation and if you know how to utilize her skills you’ll be prepared for any situation you encounter in the free-to-play battle royale.

Who is APEX Legends Loba?

Loba was actually first seen in the trailer for Season 4’s Legend, Revenant. The maniacal simulacrum crashes a party being thrown by her wealthy family. There he killed her parents along with everyone else. Loba witnessed this as a small child, but when introduced in Season 5 is all grown up and looking for revenge.

She joins the games alongside the other APEX Legends to get revenge on Revenant. Her quest for vengeance also led to the destruction of Skull Town and Thunderdome on the original map. Many of the other characters didn’t trust Loba to begin with, unsure if she was a friendly or enemy Legend.

What are Loba’s Abilities?

Loba's Abilities in APEX Legends.
Screenshot: Loba’s Abilities in APEX Legends.

Burglar’s Best Friend

Her tactical ability allows her to traverse long distances or heights by throwing her jump drive bracelet. She removes the bracelet from her wrist and using an indicator the player can throw it. When pressing it again, you teleport to the spot it’s currently at.

This ability can be a tricky one to master. Whenever you are throwing it, you’ll be vulnerable to enemies. It’s a great way to get out of sticky situations, but it can also land you in one as well.

Be very cautious when using this to flank your enemies because when Loba appears she is unable to fire her weapon for a second as she puts the bracelet back on her wrist. Be aware Loba can only use this ability every 29 seconds.

Eye for Quality

Loba’s passive is a very fun ability and it can be distracting too. Up to a range of 112.5 meters, Loba can see any item of Epic or Legendary Quality through walls. Her x-ray vision allows her to see any Purple Backpacks or Armor, or any legendary loot that may be sitting on the floor or in supply bins. It’s very useful for early gearing and getting to the good stuff before your enemies stumble across it.

Black Market Boutique

Loba’s Ultimate Ability is really what makes her shine and is often overlooked by a lot of players. Every 90 seconds Loba can plant her Black Market portable device which allows players access to any item within a 112.5-meter radius. It lets you teleport nearby loot to your inventory. The catch is that each player in your squad can only take out two items of equipment or meds but ammo can be taken as many times as you need.

How to Play Loba in APEX Legends?

What makes the Loba so useful, especially early on, is the ultimate ability. The Black Market Boutique can sometimes be the difference between winning your first engagement or going back to the lobby.

Everyone has had that match where you drop hot and all you can find is a Mozambique with a handful of shells. Because Loba starts with 50% ultimate charge, it only takes 45 seconds to put down her first Black Market. It can sometimes mean that instead of a gun you hate, you’re taking that first engagement with an R-301 Carbine and a Purple Shield.

A few things to keep in mind, when you put up your Black Market it sends out a pulse that nearby squads can hear and see. Enemies can also use your Black Market if they come across it after you leave, so always collapse it or destroy it. In the late game, the Black Market doesn’t add as much value because your squad should already be geared up. But it helps re-ammo in a pinch at the risk of alerting enemies to your position.

Due to her ability to get around via her jump drive, she can also excel at harassing enemy teams. This is a very risky play because using the bracelet will alert players to your general location. It’s best used as a means of escape than to get into a new position unless that position is safe itself.

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