By Sebastian Rooney

In just a couple weeks Rainbow 6 Pro League takes over Sweden as the Jönköping Major takes place from November 21-27, where a new champion will be crowned for Stage 3 of the Pro League Season. The top 16 teams in the world currently, 4 from each region, will be duking it out in hopes of making a play at this year’s Siege Invitational.  At the end of playday 9 of EUL, the groups for the major were drawn. Each group contains a representative from each region from a different regional seed.

The group stages are a double round robin (each team plays the other teams in their group twice) where the top 2 teams from each group go on to the playoffs. After the group stage, the seeding is randomized once again where a 1 seed will be playing against a random 2 seed. Without future knowledge of how the seeding will go all I can do is predict the winners from the group stage.

Group A

Cyclops, Soniqs, MNM Gaming, Black Dragons

One of the weaker groups in this major. APAC is a hard region to get a good read on most of the time. Cyclops is one of the best teams of the region but once they reach a major they disappear and don’t even make it out of groups. Soniqs disappointed in the Berlin Major and hopes to make it out of groups. MNM have been a consistent top team in EUL since coming up but have yet to make noise outside of Europe. Black Dragons have not been seen at a major for years. My prediction for this group is Soniqs and MNM.

Group B

TSM FTX, Team Liquid, Sandbox, Heroic

A pretty stacked group as is. TSM were given new life, finishing first in NA after slumping in the first 2 stages. Liquid, one of the most decorated teams, are always a threat at winning it all. Sandbox, like Cyclops, are good in APAC but kind of disappear on the big stage. Heroic are one of the newer teams in EUL. Having been in the top 5 for all three stages this year, they look to make it out of groups. My prediction for this group is TSM and Liquid.

Group C

W7M Esports, Team BDS, Spacestation, Fury

What many consider the group of death. With 3 of the 4 teams being some of the best in the world this group should come down to the wire for who moves on to the playoffs. That being said I believe that in the end w7m and Space Station will be the 2 teams to move on from the group of death.

Group D

Wolves, Dire Wolves, FaZe Clan, Mirage

Another weaker group for this major. Wolves have been a staple of EUL finishing 1st the past 2 stages. Dire Wolves have not really had too much success outside of APAC. FaZe Clan are still a top team, not only in LATAM but also the world. Mirage has been a Cinderella story in the past but this is probably where it comes to an end for them. My prediction for this group is Wolves and FaZe Clan.

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