DreamHack is kicking off their first full scale event in over two and a half years this weekend in Dallas, with an expected massive attendance all coming together to celebrate the gaming and esports convention’s return. With the three-day event, gamers and attendees will have a multitude of activities and events to participate in, all revolving around the love for gaming.

“We’re thrilled to bring DreamHack back to the great city of Dallas,” said DreamHack VP of Strategy & Growth Shahin Zarrabi. “These last two years of the pandemic have been so hard for so many, but gaming has always brought communities together both online and in person. So it is especially meaningful to bring this electrifying event weekend to Dallas as we mark our return to in-person festivals all around the world.”

The event this weekend will feature some of the highest level esports events, including the Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2022 CS:GO Tournament, which will pit 16 of the best teams in the league against each other in hopes of winning some of the $250,000 prize pool. Other esports events include the Fortnite Amateur Open and CRL World Championship, the latter involving some of the top collegiate players competing in first major intercontinental competition for collegiate Rocket League.

DreamHack is now known as the biggest LAN party event in the world, involving many events across the world, but it wasn’t always this massive of an event. DreamHack’s inception came about almost 30 years ago, starting in Sweden amongst a group of dedicated friends and gamers. This small gathering began meeting in an elementary school basement in Malung, Sweden, which was eventually moved to the cafeteria after a couple years, as the event had quickly gained some notoriety in the area. In 1997, the event would see massive growth by holding the event at the Arena Kupolen in Borlänge, becoming the largest LAN party in Sweden at that point.

As the years went on, DreamHack become a household name for anything LAN and esports related, holding notable events such as the League of Legends Season 1 World Championship. In 2012, DreamHack partnered with Major League Gaming and Electronic Sports League to further their endeavors into North America, where there are now multiple NA events every year alongside the original EU events. ESL would eventually merge with DreamHack in 2020, allowing the further integration of ESL tournaments at all DreamHack events.

Which leads us to this year’s Dallas event, which has been on hiatus since 2019, and is looking to continue the growth of DreamHack for new and returning attendees who want to enjoy the largest LAN parties in the world.

DreamHack Dallas 2022 tickets can still be purchased here.

All CXP coverage of DreamHack can be found on our YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and cxp.gg. In other news, CXP attended and covered the Battle for Texas Overwatch event last month, which you can watch here.