By Ruben Oesterling

With changes in the logo, content and calendar, EA SPORTS™ NHL opened a new world for gamers. The National Hockey League (NHL) rebranded their esports league, offering new opportunities for the next year. Now known as the EA SPORTS™ NHL 23 World Championship™, the tournament will strike a new era for NHL esports. 

They surprised fans with a promotional video on YouTube. They hyped them up with big promises. Alongside with an official article, they introduced more ways for gamers to enjoy the game. Gamers can access more NHL esports content, compete in more events like the Club Championship, and broaden their horizons with cross-platform matchmaking.

As the year comes to an end, a new one will begin. People can enhance with the game like never before. A massive organization once again takes its esports seriously. They recognize the importance of games in our world.