By Sebastian Rooney

Esports all have a competitive element to them. That’s what makes them fun to watch. But not every game played is fun to watch. So I have decided to come up with a list of video games that would make for fun, new and interesting esports.

  • Golf With Your Friends

    A competitive mini golf league? Sign me up (to watch). This would depend on the rule set played but as long as collision is turned on this would be absolute chaos to watch. In teams of 2-3 there could be players whose sole job is to gate keep. Hitting other players’ balls off the map thus resetting them to their prior hit. At the end you tally up the strokes and just like in normal mini golf, whoever has the lowest collective score wins.

  • UNO

    While this is not exclusive to being a video game this would without a doubt be fun to watch. The original friendship killer game gets a full on esport league. Uno is already a tense game in itself but if you add the pressure of it being a meaningful game, relationships would not be the only thing broken by the end of a game. With so many rule variants to play from, the possibilities are almost endless and there can even be special tournaments with other rulesets and decks.

  • Gang Beasts

    A game with stage hazards and questionable movement abilities, what’s the worst that can happen? Similar to the prior two entries, this can work with teams or solo. With plenty of variables in each stage that can benefit or harm the players, the chaos that should ensue would be plentiful.

  • Mario Party

    The family and friends party game has all the elements of what makes esports, esports. It has the fun, the watchability, the audience, and of course it’s a video game. With over 10 different Mario Party’s to choose from the possibilities really are almost endless. On top of the different games, almost every map has its own gimmick to it. Whether it’s investing into real estate for stars or having to ride a chain chomp to steal other players’ stars , players would have to be able to adapt quickly if they want a chance at being the Mario Party King.