The opening weekend of the CDL has come and gone. It was filled with highs and lows, surprises and disappointments, and everyone’s favorite controversy. With a total of 12 games having been played on the first weekend, here is what you need to know about it.

Optic / ROKKR Controversy

On the first day of play, it did not take long for us to get hit with some unfortunate news. During the tail end of round 3, ROKKR player Cammy called in a kill streak that wound up freezing and kicking him from the game. Before the game the 2 teams had a gentleman’s agreement to not use the streak for this very reason. This occurred in the waning seconds in a round that the ROKKR were not going to win. Because of the game crashing the refs were going to make the teams replay the entire round and rather than doing that Optic decided to forfeit the match resulting in them taking a loss to open the season. This got a lot of attention, questioning the integrity of the ROKKR as well as the protocol the CDL has in place for situations like these.

Boston Breaching the Competition

The first weekend saw a potential new top team arise. The Boston Breach came out the weekend undefeated being able to not only knock off the Atlanta Faze as well as the Seattle Surge, two of the top teams in the league, they did it in a fairly clean 3-1 score line. The end of last season saw the team start to pick things up and with their newest member Owakening has been a nice fit for the team and he has been providing the Breach with additional firepower. Should they be able to continue this play they should be easily the Major I favorites.

New City, Same Results

The Paris Legion in the offseason made the decision to relocate from Europe to the States into Las Vegas. Along the new city, they pretty much brought in a whole new team to start the season. What was seen by most observers as just a mish mash of players that could be something eventually, things have not started out well for the Legion. After losing in Day 1 3-1 to the reigning champs, LA Thieves, they would go on to lose to the Florida Mutineers the next day in a game they had many chances to take. With a match score of 3-2, they just got outplayed in the end and we see the same results that plagued the team last season. Although it is still early in the season, they have a tough road ahead of them if they want any chance at a Major I spot.

Current Standings

  1. Boston Breach
  2. Minnesota ROKKR
  3. London Royal Ravens
  4. Texas Optic
  5. LA Guerruilas
  6. Toronto Ultra
  7. Atlanta Faze
  8. LA Thieves
  9. Florida Mutineers
  10. Seattle Surge
  11. Las Vegas Legion
  12. New York Subliners

The action continues into the next weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday. Games over the weekend start at 12 PST and you can check out the action at