How To Play Lifeline in Apex Legends

Lifeline is one of the first Legends available when the battle royale launched, making her an original character alongside seven other Legends. Along with Loba, Lifeline is one of only two support Legends in the game but she fulfills that role of a healer much better than Loba does. She has some clutch skills and can be a huge boon to your squad if you play her correctly.

Who is Apex Legends Lifeline?

Lifeline’s real name is Ajay Che and she’s the daughter of extremely wealthy parents, but when she found out that their money came from war profiteering she left home. Wanting to right some of the wrongs caused by her family, Lifeline joined the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization. So how does someone who seems so dedicated to peace end up in the Apex Games?

Winning the Apex games is a path to glory, fame, and fortune and those who participate in the games aren’t usually innocent. So Lifeline justifies her participation in the Apex games as ends justify the means kind of situation. Whoever she takes down in the process, it’s worth the good she can do with the money she earns from winning.

Meet Lifeline – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Lifeline has devoted her life to helping those in need, and joined the Apex Games to fund the Frontier Corps with her winnings. Alongside her Drone of Compas…

A brief introduction of Lifeline by Apex Legends.

How To Play Lifeline in Apex Legends?

Lifeline is the closest thing to a healer in Apex Legends, though she’s one of two support characters she’s the only one who can actively heal her squad on her own. Between her combat revive her healing drone and her care package she’s the ultimate support character. As a Lifeline, it’s up to you to make sure your squad stays in the fight and has what they need to succeed.

Screenshot Apex Legends: Lifeline’s Skills.

Passive Ability: Combat Revive

Lifeline’s most valuable assets are her passive ability to revive teammates in combat without putting herself at risk. Whenever you hear the telltale sound effect of someone being revived, that’s your cue to push the enemy team and take them down when they move vulnerable. That’s a lot more difficult to do when you’re up against a Lifeline because she isn’t helpless during the resurrections.

Her drone does the resuscitation which leaves Lifeline free to defend the injured, push the enemy team or even revive a second teammate at the same time. When using combat revive, your downed squad member is still vulnerable to being finished off by the enemy since the removal of the resurrection drone shield. So try not to activate the combat revive out in the open, let them crawl to cover first.

Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

The DOC healing drone doesn’t have great use in an actual firefight, but it does allow Lifeline and her squad to heal up without the use of Medkits or Syringes if you have time to hunker down together and let it fill up your HP Bars. As a Lifeline, you normally don’t need to carry many health items in your inventory when you can rely on DOC.

It heals a total of 150 Health over 20 seconds with 8 health per second and heals anyone within 3 meters. Like a lot of other abilities in Apex Legends, the enemy squad can use it as well. There are some limitations to what DOC can do as well, for example, it doesn’t function well in Caustic Gas so get out of the smoke as quickly as possible before trying to heal. Also, be wary of where you place the drone, sometimes if you’re too close to a wall or a rocky outcropping and you place the drone it may simply de-spawn.

Screenshot Apex Legends: Lifeline's D.O.C. drone.
Screenshot Apex Legends: Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package

Lifeline’s ultimate ability is decent in the early game, can come in clutch in the mid-game, and is a toss-up in the endgame. When you call down the drone, the biggest detriment is that anyone who is paying attention can see where it’s landing. That means it serves as a huge beacon to other teams as you announce, “here we are!”

This is especially important in late-stage engagements, you must discern if dropping a package and alerting the other teams to your position is worth the potential loot you’ll get. Once you signal the drop you have a limited time to rotate to a new position.

Now, this can be used to advantage in some situations if you want to draw people towards you. You can also use it as a distraction, but then you’re giving valuable loot to the enemy team. The Care Package will always feature a few Shield Cells and Syringes, but the rest of the loot is based on what you and your squad currently have.

The Care Package will always feature upgrades for your group, whether that’s gun attachments or actual gear including golden gear. In the below picture, I put on every single upgrade I could in the firing range except for a shield, which was blue. The Care Package gave me the one upgrade I needed, a purple shield.

If you’re not in need of any upgrades, the packages will feature all healing items and shield items, or even survival items such as a respawn beacon or heat shields.

Screenshot Apex Legends: Lifeline's Care Package Ultimate will always have an upgrade for someone on your squad.
Screenshot Apex Legends: Lifeline’s Care Package Ultimate will always have an upgrade for someone on your squad.

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Feature Image Screenshot from the Apex Legends ‘Meet Lifeline – Character Trailer’.

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