When this season of College League of Legends began, 451 schools had a dream of making it to the top. The final challenge of that journey was the top eight schools meeting in LA this past weekend. Among Winthrop, Maryville, St. Thomas, Michigan State, Converse University, Bay State, Western University and UC Irvine stood the best teams in the nation. When the best are all present it pushes teams to new heights, and that’s exactly what happened with St. Thomas University.

St. Thomas in a League of their Own

During this entire tournament, St. Thomas proved they were on an entirely different level. They dropped only two maps before the Grand Final. One map to Michigan State, and one map to multi-champion Maryville University. Fans anticipated the Grand Final between St. Thomas and Bay State University to be one for the history books, and it was. For the fastest Grand Final of all time. St. Thomas tore through Bay State with a total game time of 77:55 across all three games.

With a showing as spectacular as this, it appears that St. Thomas will be the team to beat for semesters to come.