By Ruben Osterling

Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) is back! The Fall 2022 Season has kicked off with universities all across the US. Along with Spring 2023, the seasons will be divided into two splits. Each of them will narrow the number of teams with two qualifiers. From there, the top 16 teams, the eight best teams from the Western conference and the top eight from the Eastern conference, will compete in the League Play. The remaining eight teams, top four from the west and east, will battle for spots in the National CRL Championship in the Conference Playoffs. It will narrow down to the top three teams, but only one will go home with $10,000. Now, there’s a twist to all of this.

Another New Region Joins the Fun

Universities in Mexico officially join the games as part of the Western Conference. Psyonix, the game’s developer, teamed up with the European University Rocketeers Championship (EURC), a CRL tournament organizer that oversees the competing teams in Europe, to make history again. So US teams will fight unknown teams with unseen skills.

A team from the US, Europe, or Mexico can be crowned World Champions. The CRL World Championship will consist of: the top two from the CRL Championships in the US and Europe, the top two from League Play, four more European teams, and two teams from a North American and European last chance qualifier. The championship will take place in Summer 2023 with a total prize of $300,000. Until then, we’ll be waiting for more dates, updates, and unworldly plays. 

You can watch the games at and