How To Play Rampart in APEX Legends

Rampart was released during Season 6 of Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale game, APEX Legends. She is a defensive legend whose kit revolves around deployable barriers and a really big gun named Sheila She joined the APEX games after her modding shop was attacked by vandals and though she did put down the bad guys, her shop was trashed. She was offered a place in the games right after.

Who is APEX Legends Rampart?

Ramya Parekh aka Rampart is the youngest Legend to join the APEX games at 21 years old. She ran a successful weapon modding shop until it was destroyed by a gang (at the behest of one of the owners of the games). With her shop gone and nothing left, she decided to take the invitation to the APEX games and to follow her usual motto of turning crap into gold.

Apex Legends – Official Rampart Cinematic Trailer (Stories from the Outlands)

Check out the cinematic for Apex Legend’s newest hero, Rampart, as part of Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands series.#ign #gaming #apexlegends

Plus, she had her best friend with her, a custom modded minigun named Sheila. She’s also voiced by an industry pro who is also the voice of Overwatch’s Symmetra, Anjali Bhimani.

How To Play Rampart in APEX Legends?

Screenshot: Ramparts abilities in APEX Legends.
Screenshot: Ramparts abilities in APEX Legends.

Rampart is a defensive hero, but her strengths can also turn to weaknesses very quickly. If used right, she’s the toughest nut to crack in the defensive category. The downside is part of using appropriately also relies on your team and your enemy’s behavior.

Since her entire is all about placing down deployable barriers and a mounted minigun, you’re always at risk of being ambushed by another team while you sit in your defensive nest. APEX Legends is a game about moving fast, attacking fast, and rotating out when you need to.

Rampart works best when she can stay in one location or knows when someone is about to run into her sights, it’s not very often you’re put in a position with Rampart to exploit this without fear of being pinched yourself.

Tactical Ability: Amped Cover

Her tactical ability is her deployable amped cover, she tosses down a piece of cover that takes a few seconds to completely set up. When it does, you have a new place to hunker down and when you shoot through it, you deal extra damage. Enemies can destroy it by dealing enough damage.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the best use of Rampart’s tactical ability. Amped cover is very useful if you can get the drop on enemies, or if you’re using a sniper rifle and your enemies are too far off to throw grenades or return heavy fire. The best use of amped cover is for setting up ambushes that are hard to escape.

Rampart's Amped Cover set up around Sheila.
Rampart’s Amped Cover set up around Sheila.

Take either of the two tunnels on World’s Edge coming out of Train Yard for example. A Rampart setting up on either side of there with the ring pushing enemies team up towards you will feel like shooting fish in a barrel. 

The downside is moments like this aren’t just handed to you, you have to be able to play the zone masterfully. You should also never stick around longer than you need to just because you put down your cover. Don’t be afraid to abandon your post in favor of better ground. The final tip for amped cover is like Caustic’s gas canisters can be used to block doors.

Passive: Modded Loader

Rampart was the first Legend to receive an entirely weapon-related offensive passive ability. Whenever she uses Light Machine Guns such as the Devotion, L-Star, or Spitfire, she has bigger magazine sizes and reloads faster. Magazine sizes are increased by 15% and reload speeds by 25%. It’s always worth picking these guns over the others on Rampart.

Difference in clip size between Rampart and other Legends.
Difference in clip size between Rampart and other Legends.

Ultimate Ability: Emplaced Minigun Sheila

Sheila is Rampart’s best friend and can be extremely deadly when used correctly. When you place down the Minigun anyone can use it, it has a high-capacity ammo count, a long reload time, but dishes out the damage. It’s not entirely effective at long ranges but can definitely be used to scare teams and force them into cover or to rotate their position.

If an enemy is close enough that Sheila’s spread isn’t an issue, she will devour them in a heartbeat. But, like amped cover, the problem is once you’ve started shooting everyone knows where you are and you’re vulnerable to an ambush. So be smart about your placement and don’t hesitate to give up your position and move to a safer vantage point, even if it means giving up Sheila and some cover. Just don’t move to where the enemy can use your nest against you.

Sheila's damage potential up close and personal.
Sheila’s damage potential up close and personal.

Become a Master Legend

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Feature Image Screenshot from APEX Legends Season 6 Trailer for “Boosted” from EA and Respawn and Entertainment.

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