By Sebastian Rooney

Music is an essential part of what makes video games great. It can really affect the mood when playing said games. Whether it is music that brings suspense to scenes or just a chill beat to go along with gameplay music can be a big reason to play (or not) some games. But what are some of the best video game soundtracks?

  • Persona 5 Royal


    This list easily could have been Persona 1-5, but in the spirit of making things fair I choose one title. Persona 5 Royal is the most popular game of the series so picking it for the bangers that the game has only makes sense. From the battle music of “Take Over” or “Last Surprise” to the palace themes of “Whims of Fate”, the music of this game (and series as a whole) is just *chef’s kiss*.

  • Stardew Valley


    The farming sim has more than just crops for you to pick. It also has a wide variety of music for you to listen to while you tend to your farm. With plenty of beats for you to listen to depending on the season, Stardew Valley will be sure to keep the vibe good and the mood right.

  • Undertale


    One of the most raved about indie games of all time not only has a great story but also a great selection of original music. From the artistic mind of Toby Fox we have one of the most meme’d songs in “Megalovania” or “Fallen Down” there are plenty of songs that can fit the mood you are in.

  • Hotline Miami


    A game that takes place in the late 80’s has music that not only matches the setting but also matches the pace of the game. All of the music in the game is full of synth and electronic beats that will make you feel like you are in the 80’s as well. The beats of the music can line up perfectly with the chaos you bring which when done right, is one of the best feelings in gaming.