If These Five Mario Kart Tracks Don’t Show Up in the DLC, I’ll Riot

For nearly a full year the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass has been the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve now reached the halfway point of the DLC with 24 of the 48 upcoming tracks added to the game. While it was originally believed that it would only be previous courses added, Nintendo dropped the pleasant surprise of two brand new tracks. So far almost every track has been exceptional. The Mario Kart Tour additions have far exceeded my expectations and the brand new tracks are dramatically improved over the original Mario Kart 8 courses. When the Booster Course Pass was first announced I presented five tracks that were absolutely mandatory to make the cut, which can be found here. Nintendo hasn’t taken all of my suggestions, but I won’t fly to Japan to make it happen just yet. To celebrate the halfway point, here are five more tracks that deserve to make their appearance in the second half of the DLC.

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