By Sebastian Rooney

Ubisoft’s biggest pro league event of the year is finally a reality as the date and location for the Rainbow 6 Siege Invitational has been set. From February 7th-19th 20 teams will be competing in Montreal, Canada. Not only in the invitational making its grand return to Motreal, but it’s also the first invitational in two years that will have fans in attendance.

As it stands right now, 9 of the 20 teams have been confirmed for the invitational: 4 NA (Astralis, DarkZero, Oxygen, XSET), 4 EU (Wolves, G2, Rouge, BDS) and one LATAM (w7m). With the Sweden Major taking place November 8th -14th we’ll soon discover the remaining 11 teams to make the cut.

Who do you hope takes the crown?